New Director of Campus Safety offers change

Photo: Mike Black

(Photo: Michael Black)

by Michael Black

Maureen Sturgis has been appointed the new Director of Campus Safety, following interviewing and initial vetting from Securitas and school administrators.

The Director Position was opened last semester when the assistant Dean for Securitas, Kevin Moore, announced that he would be stepping down from his position. The Search Committee was made up of representatives from Franklin Pierce, as well as Securitas personnel.

Securitas made their way onto campus during October 2011. The University made the decision to outsource security needs to Securitas for financial and logistic reasons. Securitas is an international firm, and is one of the largest service providers worldwide.

Jim Earle, Vice President of Student Affairs, was on the search committee. “The main goal for this new director is in the building of relationships with the town and with the students,” said Earle.

Securitas initially narrowed down the field of candidates, held opening interviews and presented the University with three of their top candidates. There were as many as 50 individuals who applied for the position. The search committee began campus interviews on December 10th.

Following the interviews, Maureen Sturgis was hired as the new Director of Campus Safety. Shawn Kearney, a sophomore serving as the student representative said,“Overall the process was a pleasant experience as it allowed for the voice of students aid in the selection of the Campus Safety Director.”

Sturgis has worked in public safety since 1978, working in Police Departments in Exeter, Newington, and New Castle. She then began working with the New Hampshire Department of Safety as a gaming enforcement investigator in 1996. From 2005 until her employment in December she has worked for Securitas as an account manager. “She has really good experience, is extremely personable, and is very kind but with a serious side for campus safety,” said Earle.

The new director has many plans for the University during her term on campus. She is planning on reviving and expanding the Student Officers program, a program that has employed work study students in the past to help Campus Safety officers around campus.

One of her main goals is related to receiving more feedback from students and staff, and plans to host an open forum to hear student’s opinions on matters such as parking and vandalism.

Sturgis is looking forward to working with the students. “dealing in law enforcement for 28 years you have to deal with the negative, while here I get to deal with the positive, and a great potential from the students,” said Sturgis.

Sturgis officially began work at the university on December 21st.