Who is the Raven Society?

by Kimberley Theodore

(Photo: Kimberley Theodore)

(Photo: Kimberley Theodore)

There’s a mystery on campus involving envelopes and gift cards to students.

The mystery began on Friday morning when librarian Jill Wixsom came to Dr. Kristen Nevious’s office with an envelope from the “Raven Society.”

When Wixom and Nevious looked inside, they found yet another envelope addressed to journalism student Samantha Holmes.

“I thought to myself well why would they send this to me? Why didn’t they just directly send it to Dr. Nevious,” said Wixom.

It took Nevious the weekend to track down Holmes.“When she opened the envelope it was a gift card and a letter thanking her for being a good citizen of the Fitzwater Center,” said Nevious.

Basketball player Donte Gittens has also received a mystery Raven Society gift card envelope.

“I thought it was a nice surprise and a kind gesture. It made my day and it’s cool to know that people notice the things you do on campus,” said Gittens. “I want the Raven Society to know that what they are doing is phenomenal and definitely catching attention. I greatly appreciate them.”

Nevious is still unsure who is behind the “Raven Society.”

“I called the President’s office to see if President Card had anything to do with it and they said no,” said Nevious. “I emailed him and said ‘I’m sure at some level you know about this,’ and he wrote back and said ‘you give me too much credit, Pierce Pride is contagious.”


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  1. Heather Tullio  December 30, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    Kim: nice job with this article. I’m intrigued! I didn’t hear about this before reading your article. Good job!
    – Heather Tullio


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