Students on avoiding the holiday budget bust

by Kelsey Hausman

As if December wasn’t stressful enough, students have to worry about balancing the meager budget they have for holiday shopping. For students who find it challenging to manage their money, upperclassman shared how to avoid a holiday budget bust.

The National Retail Federation estimated that the average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts this year, totaling over $465 billion spent nation wide, but for many students, spending $700 is not realistic.

Senior Sarah MacHugh said, “Sacrifice some expenses in your life in order to do more for others.” She advised students to make homemade presents that are more sentimental and meaningful to the people you give them to. MacHugh is in glass blowing class and made gifts for her whole family using her own skills and resources provided by the school.

Many homemade gift ideas can also be found on and the supplies for those projects can be found at a local dollar store.

Senior Mackenzie Brewer made all of her holiday decorations for cheap. She said, “When I went into the store I had a ten dollar budget, I left with ten items and only spent ten dollars.”

To overcome holiday shopping stress, senior Danielle Koch did a majority of her Christmas shopping before finals week and over Thanksgiving break. Koch also used her credit card to shop on Amazon Prime. She said, “It is a lifesaver, free two day shipping so I can get the stuff here quickly and at reasonable prices.” Koch plans on working over winter break to pay off her credit card.

Junior Makayla Medeiros prefers shopping in stores. She advises students to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for good deals. Medeiros recommends outlet malls, which sell brand name clothes for cheaper prices. Medeiros also subscribes to emails from all of her favorite stores and now receives monthly deals and coupons. Medeiros said, “The coupons are great, but it is important to remember to use them when it is time to buy.”

Senior Paul Covelle said the best time to shop for Christmas is the first few weeks after Christmas because that is when stores mark things very low. “You can put the items you buy into storage and not have to worry about Christmas shopping all year.”

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