Personal Column: Tea or Coffee

Coffee or Tea?

A friend of mine who drinks coffee every day multiple times a day believes coffee is needed all the time or he will not be able to get on with his day. He always drinks it with caffeine as well. When he doesn’t have time to make or get coffee if he’s too busy, or perhaps when he isn’t feeling good and doesn’t want it, his body tells him otherwise. He gets severe headaches and migraines, and his brain continues to tell him he needs coffee in his system. It’s hard to fight that feeling of wanting the coffee, because without it you can feel sick and even get dizzy.


Coffee can also have emotional side effects. My friend can be a complete bear throughout the day if he doesn’t have his coffee. He blames others for everything and goes through the day being not like himself at all and just completely moody. If he took the time however to flush his body of coffee and caffeine, he would discover that it is not the caffeine that affects his moods. He just gets angry because he wants the coffee and can’t have it, and it affects his whole day. He is probably just not a morning person either. There is no proven evidence that says coffee will literally effect your mental state of mind or your behavior. It is your minds response to not getting your normal intake of caffeine. coffee

Coffee has been proven to help with certain health concerns such as Alzheimer’s disease and heart. Coffee can also affect the birth of a child if consumed in large quantities. Coffee can cause tooth stains and decrease the blood flow to the heart. The ingredients in coffee can make you addicted. Not in the way serious drugs can, as it can be prevented and stopped pretty easily, but the body still tells you you need it. You get so attached to a routine of drinking coffee every morning that sometimes you don’t even notice how much you’ve had by the end of the day.


Tea has so many more benefits for your body than coffee, and you can find just as many flavours. Tea gives your body more natural caffeine, therefore being able to keep you a bit lively on those long nights of studying or working, but not damaging your body like coffee can. Tea however has been proven to help with obesity, esophigal cancer, help protect the teeth, hydrates the body, and help against lung problems. Tea can however lower the iron in your body if drank in excessive amounts.

I prefer tea because I enjoy the taste very much more than coffee, but it also doesn’t give me any side affects or problems if I decide I don’t want a cup. I am able to be awake and feeling good in the mornings with or without tea, and I can go to bed perfectly fine even with having a cup of tea before bed. I don’t have to go through the day only thinking about the tea that i didn’t get.

In my mind, tea is more of a treat and just something to enjoy rather than something I absolutely need to get me through the day. There are no signals from my brain that tell me to get some tea immediately. Even if I drank quite a bit of tea each day, tea does not have the effects on a person that coffee does. While it does have some very minor health concerns, it has much more health benefits than negative effects.

There are of course decafinated coffees that people can drink, but it only takes away the caffeine and not the potential health issues. Tea can come in both caffeinated and not, but you still get the added health benefits to it and without caffeine it takes away a lot of the concerns.

Based on the facts I have learned and personal experience, as well as my friends, I believe people should either really cut down on their coffee consumption, or try to switch to tea. There is no proven evidence that says your body requires coffee. People could be healthier and still happy all around if they just paid more attention to what they are putting in their bodies.

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