Newsbrief: marijuana extract could be new treatment for epilepsy

by Elora Philbrick

Research is being done to determine how effective and safe a new medication made from marijuana is for treating epilepsy, according to

(Photo: Google Images)

(Photo: Google Images)

The new medication, Epidiolex, is a liquid form of cannabidiol, a crucial compound of marijuana.

In a new study, researchers administered the medicine to 261 people with severe epilepsy for three months and had them take it with their normal prescriptions.

At the end of the three months, seizures were reduced by 45 percent in the study’s participants. Seizure frequency was reduced by 50 percent in 47 percent of the participants and 9 percent of the participants stopped having seizures completely.

A separate study done on mice revealed that cannabidiol, taken with an anti-seizure drug called levetiracetam, enhanced the drug’s effects. Cannabidiol taken with an anti-seizure drug called clobazam and another drug called Carbamazepine reduced the overall effectiveness of the treatment combination.

Researchers are now waiting for the results of a placebo-controlled trial that is currently underway.

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