VIDEO: Cosmic Bowling lights up a darkened Spagnuolo Hall

by Whitney Dowds

The Pierce Activities Council (PAC) created a new type of bowling experience in Spagnuolo Hall, by using glow lights to illuminate the room and to simulate a real bowling alley. The event was called “COSMIC Bowling” and was held on November 14 starting at 7 p.m.

Bowlers were given two lanes with an unlimited number of balls to knock down 10 pins. As seen in the video above, only one person was able to earn a strike. The arcade games California Speed and Monopoly were also available for students to play in the back of the room once students were done with their bowling experience. Pizza was also served at the entrance to Spagnuolo Hall.

“A lot of students don’t have a chance to go to the bowling alley off campus, so it was a chance to bring a little bit of that fun here,” said Derek Scalia, the Assistant Director of Student Involvement.

The women’s bowling team attended the event to help staff, but more importantly to interact and have fun with the student body. They displayed a poster for people to sign as they walked by to show that the student body supported the team.

The video below shows my second attempt at bowling at this event and as you can clearly see it took me five attempts to knock all the pins down. I believe there definitely was a curved part of the bowling lane at the end, near the pins, because the balls kept resisting all attempts to throw them accurately.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.38.15 AM

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