VIDEO: Baseball clubhouse grand opening event

by Greg Cormier

The Bruce and Patricia Kirsh Baseball Clubhouse is officially up and ready to go. The event kicked off with Captain Maxx Sheehan taking the podium and welcoming all attendees.

President Andrew Card then discussed the history of the baseball team and how important Pierce Pride truly is. Head Coach Jayson King got choked up when talking about his role as a coach and how thankful he is to have Bruce Kirsh supporting him.

Director of Athletics Bruce Kirsh spoke last and talked about the process of creating the clubhouse. He then got emotional when talking about the passing of his wife Patricia who he met at Franklin Pierce as a student.

The event ended with alumni and guests getting to go inside the clubhouse and catch up with each other over some refreshments provided by Sodexo.

Jason King talks about how he brought the clubhouse idea to Athletic Director Bruce Kirsh

President Andy Card speaks at the event

(Photo: athletics dept.)

(Photo: athletics dept.)

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