Two women’s soccer players report having cars vandalized

by Kelsey Hausman

(Photo: Madison Finlay)

(Photo: Madison Finlay)

Campus safety offered free car washing on Tuesday, November 17 to any students whose cars were vandalized with paint over the weekend. Within the two-hour period, three students arrived. Two of them were women’s soccer players Madison Finlay and Casey Cook who said their cars had been vandalized separately from Friday night’s incident.

Both Finlay and Cook reported finding their cars singled out to be written on. Out of the many cars surrounding each of theirs, none had been vandalized.

Finlay said, “No other cars around were vandalized, I was the only one.”

Neither Cook nor Finlay could think of a reason why they were targeted and believe it was just coincidence that both of them were on the women’s soccer team.

The recent vandalism happened on Friday night, but according to Madison Finlay, her car was defaced on Saturday night.

Finlay had her car parked in a Mountain View parking lot. She said, “I saw my car Saturday morning and the vandalism was not there.” She found her car the next morning with obscene paintings on all windows.

According to Maureen Sturgis, Director of Campus Safety there is no lead on any perpetrators.

Finlay believes the culprit is not a member of the Franklin Pierce community. She said, “They wrote ‘FPU Sucks’ a lot so I don’t think it was someone from here because they have no Raven pride.”

Both Finlay and Cook’s cars were washed and they are appreciative of Maintenance for extending their help. Finlay was also grateful for President Card’s speech. She said, “It was good to bring everyone together.”

(Photo: Kelsey Hausman)

(Photo: Kelsey Hausman)

(Photo: Kelsey Hausman)

(Photo: Kelsey Hausman)

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  1. Heather Tullio  December 30, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    Kelsey, Thanks for your article. I went to Pres. Card’s speech, but he didn’t explain what happened. It was good to read your article to find out what happened and to see photos. Very sad. Sorry to the students. I am also glad that Pres. Card invited the community to get together and told us that this event does not define us, we are better than this. Great job!


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