Students describe response to President Card’s speech

by Crystal Colon

The basketball court in the Bubble was filled with standing students and faculty listening to Presidents Card’s speech on vandalism and respect Tuesday, November 17th.

Card’s speech struck a chord with the audience.

Senior Holly Nisbett said, “I saw the aftermath of the incident and I’m glad that President Card reached out so quickly. I’m also really surprised, but glad at the amount of people that attended today.”

Junior David Hamilton agreed and said, “The circle activity when everyone stood up and held hands was great because we were all willing to show that we connect as a community rather than just a university.”

Vandalism is not taken lightly at FPU.

President Card said, “What happened Friday night does not demonstrate the respect I see from you students everyday.” He continued to repeat: “This situation does not define us.”

Although the incident occurred this past weekend, it was the not the first sign of vandalism within FPU.

Junior Victoria Averill said, “About a month ago, I was going to my car at 5:30 a.m. and saw that someone put silly string on my license plate and smeared a waxy substance all over my windshield. I thought it was just a practical joke until what happened on Friday night. President Card needed to address the issue and I hope it does not happen again.”

Senior Haylea Barbieri said, “The incident was messed up. out of my four years here I have never seen anything like this. Him speaking got the issue out and brought us together as one.”

(Photo: Whitney Dowds)

(Photo: Whitney Dowds)

(Photo: Whitney Dowds)

(Photo: Whitney Dowds)

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