FPU’s theater program presents the timely The Aluminum Room

by Robbie Sequeira

(Photo Credit: Franklin Pierce University)

(Photo Credit: Franklin Pierce University)

The Franklin Pierce University’s Department of Theater & Dance unveiled a new production this week titled the Aluminum Room, which is based on the play Hiroshima, which was one of the first works produced in the now razed Ravencroft Theater.

The play is being performed in the Warehouse Theater from Tuesday until Sunday, November 22 7:30 p.m. in the Warehouse Theater.

The Aluminum Room is directed by Robert Lawson, the cast features John Tibbetts, Marisa Gamble, Kate Masson, Kimberly Pena, Gianni Pajaron and Emily Catuccio.

“This play took about three months of reading memorization,” said Masson. “The words really bring meaning to the play.”

The text of the play is from an article titled Hiroshima, which involves firsthand accounts of Japanese survivors of the Hiroshima bombings.

The play follows a paranoid, yet methodical man (Tibbets) who resides in a bomb shelter and does his best to remain unaffected the days before and after the Hiroshima bombing.

A unique aspect of the play is how little it centers on dialogue and how much it is based on movement.

“The show doesn’t involve much speaking, so it was also important for the few lines I did have to carry as much meaning and importance,” said Marisa Gamble.

The play which explores the effects of massive bombing is especially relevant following the France bombings of last week.

“The last monologue is some pretty heavy stuff. It’s also very timely considering the tragedy that happened in France,” said Masson.

The play is the first of two plays that will be performed in the Warehouse this school year.

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