VIDEO: Kyle Meagher finds reasons not to follow politics

by Whitney Dowds

Last week the Exchange featured a video that emphasized professors’ arguments for why students should follow politics. This week we feature a student who argues just the opposite.

Kyle Meagher’s skepticism of politics stems from his mother’s opinions about political campaigns and theatrics. In illustrating this skepticism, he references Hilary Clinton’s email scandal and negative attack ads.

“(Politics) is not about doing something good for the people anymore or making their lives better, it’s about who can throw mud on the other person,” said Meagher. “My mother has always been critical of campaigns for the same reasons and most of the time sees them as a choosing between the lesser of two evils because they just sling so much mud that neither of us see them as being very professional.”

Meagher wants the campaign managers to end their candidates’ negative ads and “learn to actually get the message of their candidate as their focus, because honestly if even the campaign manager doesn’t focus on why they should vote for you why should those that they try to take the message too?”

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