Mythbusters: Yes, Rindge PD do search back packs during first weekend

by Crystal Colon

Rumors of police doing bag checks on campus are true.

The first weekend of the semester there were rumors that the Rindge police were on campus checking back packs for alcohol. This rumor is true; however, there have been no bag checks since the first weekend of the semester.

Sergeant Dan Anair said, “The first weekend on campus is always very busy activity-wise and there have been many situations in the past with minors over-drinking dangerously.”

There have never been bag checks in the past, but Rindge police say they did it to educate students.

“This was intended to warn the new students about under-age drinking and to assure alcohol and drug awareness,” said Anair.

“The officers mainly target people walking in a group of four or more people,” said Anair. “If two out of the group of people are holding a back pack, the cop may ask to check what is inside. Another scenario when we would ask to reveal what is in the back pack, is if someone is clearly intoxicated, stumbling or yelling loudly.”

If an officer asks to see what is in their bag, students have the right to say no. If officers have reasonable suspicion they can seize the bag and apply for a search warrant. Reasonable suspicion might occur if an officer heard clanging in the backpack.

“If someone is 21 or over with proof of an ID, the officer will simply tell the person they are free to go and to make sure once they get to Lake View to not be outside with an open container,” said Anair

Junior Erin Glavin said, “I have personally not been stopped by an officer for bag checks, but I was scared by this rumor. This have never happened in the past and I was surprised to hear about such a shocking new change.”

Rindge PD will continue to be on campus, especially on the weekends. Anair suggested, “The easiest way to not have interaction with an officer is to not draw unwanted attention to yourself.”

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