Mythbusters: Alcohol policies, how does FPU stack up?

by Whitney Dowds
edited by Greg Cormier and Robbie Sequeira

The Student Handbook and New Hampshire law are the key to policies on open containers, bag searches and the possibilities of undercover cops on the campuses. Saint Anselm College, Southern New Hampshire University and Keene State College are some New Hampshire colleges that were looked into comparing policies and rules with Franklin Pierce University.

Saint Anselm only permits students to have open containers in their dorm rooms, their pub, or an official campus event. Bag searches are not conducted at all on their campus.

“We do not use undercover police officers, although we do have details of uniformed officers at different times on campus,” said Andrew S. Litz the Associate Dean of Students at Saint Anselm College in an email. “It is not unusual for the Goffstown Police Department’s patrol unit covering the College to be on campus at any time.”

When Saint Anselm students do get caught breaking any rules listed in their Alcohol Policy, they can potentially be brought before a Judicial Board. They also may be required to attend counseling for drug and/or alcohol abuse when their behavior affects their grades and other commitments, such as athletics.

Southern New Hampshire University also does not allow open containers. If students do not comply with a university official’s request to dump their beverage, they could face fines. Undercover cops are not assigned to patrol campus, but SNHU does hire police officers to patrol their campus on weekends, as they work alongside Public Safety staff.

“As a habit, the university does not search bags unless there are concerns about a student’s health or safety (or the student’s impact on the health or safety of the campus community),” said Jason Tifone,SNHU Director of Community Standards in an email. “I would need to understand the necessity of more invasive and random searches before I could subscribe to changing our policies.”

Keene State College’s alcohol policy says that alcohol cannot be consumed in public places such as lobbies, hallways, dining areas, bathrooms and sidewalks. When walking around with alcohol, students cannot use open containers and no matter how old the student is, it is illegal to carry an open container on campus.

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